The police are there to keep thieves, lawbreakers and other criminals away from us. But what happens when the police fails to obey the law? Who can we complain to when they don’t do their jobs well? After seeing these photos you will definitely think that there should be some kind of police for the police. It is human to make mistakes, and they are humans, too, even though sometimes they forget that. We want to remind some of them that they have many serious responsibilities and they should alway keep that in their minds . We saw you make mistakes, it’s okay, but please- don’t ever do this again.

1. Hey, mister, you forgot your receipt! And you took our hose! Hey, were are you going? Come back here! Apparently, these policemen received an urgent call and they had to leave – immediately! There’s no time for things like putting the gas station hose back in place when there are dangerous criminals on the loose! But try to explain that to your boss when he sees that the hose is missing.

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