Driving can be so relaxing. Sometimes all you need is your car and a long road you can hit whenever you feel stressed out. However, if you are not a good driver, you can be quite a problem to other people in traffic. If you are a driver, you know how it feels to see a person who doesn’t really get driving behind the wheel. It is frustrating and scary at the same time. Besides being a threat to other people, bad drivers are a threat to themselves. Finally, it is not safe to drive a car if you have a terrible sense for orientation like these 15 people!

1. Wow, whatever happened here, it seems like a scene from an action movie! This place looks like some kind of a garage, so we are not quite sure how this happened, unless Liam Neeson heard about another family member who is missing. Yep, this definitely looks like an angry reaction to some bad news. I got fired? Well, the only reasonable thing to do is to drive into the wall and ruin a few cars on my way! That sounds like a great plan.

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