It takes two to make a thing go right? That’s correct! Especially when it comes to hot celebrity twins. In most cases, when somebody mentions Hollywood twins, people usually think of the Olsen twins. Of course, the Olsen girls are not the only set of twins in Hollywood. There are other, also very sexy celebrity twins out there, and you were unaware of their existance all this time. Trust us, once you see this list, things are never going to be the same again. We’re afraid you’ll start seeing double too! However, in certain celebrity cases, seeing things twice is actually a good thing.

1. Meet Camilla and Rebecca Rosso. These two beautiful girls were born on July 6th, 1994. Camilla and Rebecca are British twin actresses and singers and they are internationally famous. Interesting trivia fact about the girls? Rebecca is one minute elder than Camilla. They acted in many movies such as The Suite Life of Zach & Cody, and they had their roles in Legally Blonde: Rebecca played Izzy Woods and Camilla played Annabelle Woods.

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