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Kylie Jenner is the youngest in the Kardashian family, and apart from being a member of an insanely popular family where everyone’s names start with “K”, Kylie is special for many other things. We managed to make list of 15 things Kylie Jenner did before she turned 18, and you will notice that the most of us will not be able to do any of these thing while we are alive! Does this make Kylie special? Well, whatever you think about her, she definitely achieved more than the most of the people her age, so yes, Kylie is definitely special. The controversies around her lips, her relationship with older rapper (we’re looking at you Tyga) and buying gigantic mansion are just some of them.

1. We all know Kylie since she was a little girl thanks to the TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In the beginning, Kylie’s lips were thin and kind of unappealing. Today, Kylie is well known for her full lips, and she admitted that she augmented them in an episode of her family’s popular show. Hundreds of teenage girls tried to plump their lips just as Kylie did, so one might say that she started a social media trend like a real Kardashian.

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