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Baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming or recent birth of a child. This is of course a very happy occasion that celebrates the transformation of a woman into a mother and it welcomes the child. Mothers usually receive gifts from friends and family and they all enjoy the cake together. That being said, baby shower cakes are also very important for baby shower parties. Of course, this is a perfect opportunity to be creative or just very creepy in some cases. We don’t know why some people enjoy making extremely weird baby cakes but we made a list of 15 creepiest cakes that cannot be unseen.

1. Obviously, baby shower cakes are the perfect moment for some sex education. If you didn’t know how babies are made, this will definitely illuminate you. The disturbing part is, of course, that people are expected to eat a baby shower cake in form of sperm (a very quick one, that’s for sure) and they should be cool about it. We just hope that there weren’t any kids at this baby shower because it would be seriously wrong.

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