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Bathrooms are private… unless they aren’t. But what happens when you combine something really private with something public? The right answer is- a mess. As you already know, visiting public bathrooms is not easy. And when you have to go- you just have to go. So you try to do your business as quickly as possible and then BAM! You looked the wrong way. You were warned that you should not look but you still looked and now you cannot unsee that horrible scene. But don’t worry, it happened to all of us. Let’s see what kind of things people saw when they visited a public bathroom and looked the wrong way!

1. Speaking of getting hurt, this lady should not be doing this. Seriously, we admire her abilities and she should recommend us some yoga moves, but please don’t do this while standing above your dog. Look at how tiny he is. After all these photos, we couldn’t help but wonder: what’s with the bathrooms and super powers? It seems like people feel so different once they enter the bathroom, they just forget about normal behavior. We really hope the dog is okay, though.

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