Kim Kardashian is one of the most successful women in the world. The famous starlet started her career as Paris Hilton’s friend, but over the years, her popularity was becoming bigger and bigger. There are many people who say that the Kardashians have no talent at all, and that they should be thankful to Kim’s sex tape for everything they have today. But is it really like that? Are things ever so simple? We don’t think so. What began as another superficial reality show slowly turned into an empire of superstars and luxury, and that’s something we see as a success. However, there is one thing that helped Kim become a phenomenon of the modern times, and that is- her butt. Let’s be honest, Kim’s butt made us all forget about Jennifer Lopez, and those are some very tight dresses big shoes to fill.

1. Okay, so this is how Kim’s butt looks on its way to the gym. Be honest, this photo made you look more than two times. We understand what you are going through because we have the same problem: we just can’t believe that something like this exists. Kim’s butt is literally too perfect for the real world. It is so perfect, it defies gravity! Luckily, Kim has her own DVDs with exercises she does for such a magnificent butt, so you better get one of those!

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