Fortunately, the days of excessive tanning are behind us. Not only do doctors recommend that we stay away from the sun and spraying, but it also seems that it is even more important to people that the whole fashion industry (Paris Hilton included) ignores the tanning trend. But some people just don’t give up it. Also, thanks to the holy internet, there are photos that show us how some of you tried to change your skin color in a pretty unhealthy way. Of course, we are talking about biggest tanning fails! So if you are one of these people, it is very likely that your photo is here. If not, you will definitely laugh a lot!

1. Oh wow, are these two the long lost brothers of Pauly D and Vinny from Jersey Shore? Also, are they twins?! Whatever the case is, it seems that the orange color of their skin attracts a serious amount of babes (not)! We just hope they didn’t obtain it by sitting at the beach and looking at the sun all day long. By the looks on their faces, this just might be the case. Finally, we might not like it, but these two girls are seriously charmed by their looks!

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