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Being a celeb is not an easy gig. You have to fight your way to the top, stand the hatred and remain on top as long as you can. But besides being famous, celebrities also launch all kinds of businesses. “Why do they do it if they are infinitely rich?” you might ask. Well, even though the rest of us dream about being a celebrity so we don’t have to work ever again, celebrities actually have to maintain some businesses aside so they can have a stable money income. Smart, right? But some celebs just don’t know how to do business, so they fail miserably. And if there is anything more fun than celebrities being successful, it’s celebrities failing miserably.

1. Who would have thought that Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson and Naomi Campbell could fail at something? Fashion Café was an international theme-restaurant franchise created in 1995 by the most popular supermodels at the time. The idea was quite similar to Planet Hollywood. However, it didn’t work out because the restaurants’ investors Tommaso and Francesco Buti were charged with money laundering. Fashion Café was finally closed in 1998.

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