Ever since people discovered that they can paint their skin permanently, they have been trying out all kinds of shapes and colors on their own skin. Initially, people did this for religious reasons or to scare other tribes and enemies. Fast forward to modern ages, people still love tattoos and they still scare other people (usually unintentionally). However, things have changed quite a bit since tattoos were “invented” and today you can have a tattoo that will look like a real work of art. Unfortunately, there are still some people who don’t know what kind of tattoo they want or where they want to put it. These people usually end up with tattoos all over their faces and they are usually- fails.

1. Oh, honey, no. If loyalty means so much to you, why didn’t you write a song about it or have it painted on your bedroom wall? Instead, she had the word “Loyalty” painted all over her right cheek. Also, these letters are just too big! We understand that she is into tattoos (and loyalty, obviously), but why is it so big!? And why is it on her cheek? She really sacrificed her face for this tattoo, and she didn’t have to because she failed miserably.

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