16 Hilarious Attempts To Make Shit Food Look Fancy

Having been a student, I ve had my fair share of culinary misadventures. However, on the occasions that I have served up questionable meals, I have always made the effort to try and make my dishes presentable. Anyone who has eaten in a Michelin star restaurant knows that apart from amazing taste, it s all about getting the presentation spot on. Looking back now though, I do see that as a total waste of time.

Have you ever heard the saying, you can t polish a turd ? Well whoever made these dishes certainly hasn t. From chicken nuggets served on a bed of pasta, to a hot dog being carved into the shape of an octopus, these culinary masterminds really have gone the extra yard to make their shoddy food look less shit.

Here are 16 woeful attempts to make shit food look fancy. It s safe to say it was mission impossible from the very start.

1. Chicken nuggets on a bed of microwaved mac n cheese

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