It’s not a secret that celebs love to party. The right to party is one of the basic human rights, right? If it isn’t, well, it definitely should be! But let’s get back to celebs. Sometimes it seems that partying is the only thing they do. However, we don’t think that partying is so easy. You see, partying is consisted out of tons of booze, drugs, expensive clothes and loud music, so they have to pay attention to more things at once. But sometimes, they pay too much attention to drinking, and they just forget about everything else. These are 15 celebs who definitely paid too much attention to alcohol.

1. Scott Disick or Lord Scott Disick, how he calls himself, is one of the celebs who leave their rehab centers to go to a party and get drunk again. He, of course, comes back to rehab the day after, because he’s no troublemaker, but still, he can’t miss a good party! It’s kind of bizarre to ask  a guy whose job is to visit parties and hype them not to drink alcohol, but it is even more bizarre to see him drunk so often!

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