Nose job or rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery that corrects the form and aesthetically changes the nose. In other words, they make a cute little button out of that monster you had on your face. Some people love their noses, no matter how big they are. But those people are usually not celebrities. Celebrities have to fit into the popular image of beauty we all have. In most cases, these celebs are women, but there are also male celebrities who are willing to say goodbye to the old nose they are used to. You would be surprised to see how many celebs have undergone rhinoplasty, because we bet you always thought the noses they show everywhere are actually theirs!

1. Cameron Diaz still denies she had a nose job! Famous actress and one of the biggest sex symbols in Hollywood definitely had a different nose before and it is obvious if you compare her before and after photos. She definitely fixed it in 2006, because before that year, her nose looked kind of different. As you can see, Cameron never had a big nose, but she clearly changed the form of her nose so it looks more perfect.

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