Music festivals are great. You can finally see all your favorite artists, check out new pop culture tendencies, meet some new people and go home happy. But this is just the surface of every music festival. What actually happens during these days is sometimes… too extreme. In other words, some people shouldn’t drink, take drugs or leave the house, EVER. You are probably wondering why we are saying this. Well, when it comes to music festivals, people tend to feel very free, which is great. The problem is, sometimes they exaggerate, and that’s when they fail the worst. Or the best, if you take a look at this list!

1. Ah, good old music festival fashion. Well, not all the kids can be cool like the Kardashian/Jenner kids at Coachella. Some people just have to experiment…and fail! Why, oh why, did this guy do this? Is he trying to seduce someone with this styling or what? We get it, it was probably hot outside, but do you really have to look like Carry Bradshaw on drugs parody? We don’t think so! He revealed too much, so we have to say we are not impressed.

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