“True love knows no bounds”, the old saying goes, but some lines weren’t meant to be crossed. These weird photos of couples will make you happy that you are single! No, these are no ordinary awkward couples photos you see on your Facebook news feed every day. It’s true that everyone has some photos that shouldn’t have been taken at all, but you can see that these couples really did their best to look like this. Whether they failed or succeeded in their mission, we are just not sure. All we can ask them is why, for the love of god, WHY?

1. We all know that having some dirty laundry that your partner doesn’t know about can be very bad for your relationship. And what should you do if you just have too much of it? These guys apparently had a lot of dirty laundry, and it was easier for them to just jump in the washing machine together, put some bleach in it and turn it on high-speed centrifuge. We’re just not sure if this photo was taken before or after that centrifuge.

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